100 Bamboo Cotton Buds – Eco-Friendly Organic – Biodegradable – Plastic Free


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100 Bamboo Cotton Buds | Eco-Friendly Organic | Biodegradable | Plastic Free ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Our bamboo cotton buds are totally eco-friendly with plastic-free wrapping and are biodegradable. DESIGN & QUALITY: Our cotton ear buds are made of pure, organic cotton and bamboo and packed in small cardboard boxes. The dual cotton tips are soft, compressed and durably fixed to a bamboo stick that is resilient enough to hold and wipe. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Our biodegradable cotton wool buds can be extensively used for drying and cleaning ears, after using cosmetics, skin cleansing, arts & crafts and so on. HIGH QUALITY VALUE PACK: Supplied in packs of 100 of the highest quality eco cotton wool buds with bamboo sticks. Each pack contains 100 cotton buds that have been made with FSC Bamboo and Certified Organic Cotton, they also come in a box made from biodegradable cardboard. Our cotton buds are super strong, so perfect for applying make up. Simply dispose of the cotton buds by throwing them in your organic waste, bin or compost ? a super easy switch from single-use plastic! 20g carbon is used to produce our bamboo Cotton Buds (LJMU, 2020). Sustainably sourced FSC Bamboo & Organic Cotton Fully home compostable – Vegan & Cruelty-Free ? Water-neutral