Galaxy Plus White Gloss Two Tone 4 Piece Set




Brand: Galaxy
Set Items:
1 Drawer Bedside Cabinet x2, Chest Of 5 Drawers & 3 Door Standard Wardrobe
Colour: White Gloss Two Tone

Top shelf and hanging rail behind each door.

Product Materials: UV Gloss Fronts, Metal Runners, Plastic Handles, Upper Shelf, hanging rail

Flatpack Carton Size For Bedside:
Height 9 x Width 50 x Depth 39cm
Flatpack Carton Size For Chest:
Height 14 x Width 76.5 x Depth 44cm
Flatpack Carton Sizes For Wardrobe:
C1: Height 6 x Width 49.4 x Depth 185.50cm
C2: Height 9.90 x Width 51.40 x Depth 173.50cm

Dimensions Bedside Overall:
Height 46 x Depth 35 x Width 45cm
Drawer Internal Dimensions:
Height 9 x Depth 28 x Width 36.5cm
Plastic Handle Size:
Height 13.3cm

Overall Bedside Weight:
9 Kilogram

Dimensions Chest Overall: 
Height 87 x Depth 40 x Width 60cm
Drawer Internal Dimensions:
Height 9 x Depth 33 x Width 51cm
Plastic Handle Size: 
Height 13.3cm

Overall Chest Weight: 24.50 Kilogram

Overall Wardrobe Dimensions:
Height 180.5 x Depth 46.5 x Width 101cm

Plastic Handle Size:
Height 13.3cm

Overall Wardrobe Weight:
69 Kilogram

Overall 4 Piece Set Weight:
111.5 Kilogram

Additional information

Weight 96 kg