MP5 Gel blaster – Pack of 12 – Blue & White


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Our MP5 Gel blaster is a water gun that launches fragile Water Gel balls as a projectile, so when the Water Gel ball is ejected, it will burst immediately after encountering obstacles, forming a pile of small fragments that will completely disappear once dry.

Our Water Gel Balls are non toxic & don’t stain clothes

The rate of fire of the electric gel blaster can reach about 300 rounds per minute and the range of the gel gun blaster can reach about 65 feet. ?

The power of the electric gel blaster is powered by an external battery, which can be charged with the data cable we provide.

Retail Box includes:-

MP5 Gel blaster gun, Battery and charger ( usb charger ), Manual, Goggles, 10 nurf bullets & Pack of 5000 Water Gel Balls

2 in 1 -also fires nerf bullets too

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These are Toys for Adults & Children !!

Age: 8 plus

Available in Orange & White, Blue &?White or Red & White